Sunday, December 27, 2009

New friends, say Hello... then Goodbye

Danielle Stavros. One of my close, Godly friends. I meat her for the first time in the summer at this thing at my church called Girl Time. She and one of my other friend Taylor Parsley are moving this summer. They are moving to Austin Texas. I just really got to know them this year. We all go to the same school, same grade, and we all had older brothers and sisters that are also in the same grade. Its been an awesome year. We have had our up and downs, but we have done our best to stay close. Our grade is 10% Christan, the other 90%.... Well not Christan. People (at least me) want to make a change but get discouraged because of how many people aren't getting the message. I have lost a few best friends over the years. And I don't want to lose two more. I wish we could move with them to Texas and help them start their church. I've been praying about it and feel strong about moving with them. I understand that moving would mean losing a lot of other WONDERFUL friends, but we (I) feel strong about it. I will continue to pray about it but I ask that you pray for us. If we are going to move it means selling the house, finding new schools, getting packed, etc. I really hope we move with them. Please be praying for me and my family and keep following my blog as a growing Dancing Queen.


  1. DAD HERE, ACTUALLY: There are not many people who can make me second guess my decisions, but Hosanna, you make a convincing argument that I should at least re-consider the idea of moving to Texas. For now, I only want to affirm you and your direction as a smart, pure, exciting, Godly and beautiful young lady. You are the apple of your Father's Eye, and I will always be proud of you!!! DAD:2Cor5:17

  2. Ahhh thanks dad. Please pray about it as I continue praying about it. Luv ya