Thursday, December 17, 2009

When all said and done.....

WEDNESDAY! Wednesday was the day when everything was finally done. At 5:30, when most of yall were still asleep, I was wide awake getting ready to go to the hospital for my final step in this long process. It was about 6:10 when I went back to the room. The nurse talked to me and my parents about what was going to happen. She gave me my Iv and that was wired! Ha ha well then we went back to the operating room and I fell asleep. When I woke up I was in a different room and VERY dizzy. After about an hour I got to go home and from there well I fell asleep again! Then I went to _Tag and I was walking around and I felt GREAT! But today, my foot hurts so bad. Please be praying for me and my recovery. Thanks for all your prayers!


  1. I pray that the result of all of what has happened to your body only makes it stronger than it has ever been. I know God has many things waiting on you. Luv u sweetie.

  2. Thanks! The doctor says that its healing perfectly! Thanks for ur prayers!