Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well its getting to that time of year where things get intense, crazy and awesome. Crown season is coming up. Tryouts are this Sunday, tomorrow! I can not wait. I have done crown for about 4 years now. It's so much fun. It gets really crazy though. Last year Elizabeth broke a rib in practice. Shes always a demon and I'm always an angel. Last year was crazy awesome, it got so intense and crazy its really hard to keep up with Crown and school all together. Well please pray for me as I go in to tryouts, I hope I make it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Start!

So I'm pretty sure we are not going to move to Texas...... sad sad day. But we are really set on doing something different. So we are pretty set on taking in a girl we know named Jessica Rogers. My dad knew her dad and she is really does not know what she wants to do with her life. All she knows is that she wants to get out of her town and get involved in a different church. She has gotten accepted into an internship for collage students at my church, New Life. She is going to move in with us! I'm SO excited because she gets to share a room with me! Well maybe..... We are pretty sure she is going to come.... I cant wait! She will be like a new big sister!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Science Fair!

O my....... Where do I start? Well at the beginning of the school year I was really scared. Mostly about Mrs. Muir. Everyone hates her. Well I kinda like her. But the thing I hate most is Science Fair. Its sooo hard. We have do do all the data do the experiment and they expect us to be working on it everyday! Plus they want us to do all our normal homework with it. Plus I just go a surgery and I'm like still recovering! AHHHH well at least its the weekend. And I'm surviving..... kinda.... Well keep praying for me as I try to finish this long and hard project..... Which reminds me... I have do my project today! =( AHHH God help me!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter Wonderland at the Zoo!

Even though Eli was freezing his butt off..... He was SO happy to be hanging with friends.

Daddy and Eli... Eli was sooo cold, his face was frozen!

Me and Eli warming up by the fire!

Eli was truly amazed at the lights he wanted to touch each one! Him and mommy.

Eli Loved looking at the giraffes..... But did not want to be touched.....

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Happy New Year!

12:00 o'clock last night it was officially 2010! This year I want to make a difference in my school, home and in my friendships. I want to grow in my walk with God and in my height. (The doctors say I will not get much taller than what I am now. I hope their wrong. I really am short. Really short, but I don't mind... most of the time)

I want to be nicer in my family, nicer to my siblings and help out more often, with out complaining.I want to make a difference in my school this year. I want to walk in to school and people really see a change and want to change their lives. I want the 90% of people in my grade who don't follow Christ to become the 90% who do. I really want to grow and grow in my relationships with God and with my friends. I want to keep them close and always be there for them when they need help. I want to bring God into the conversations and challenge my friends to walk closer to Him.

These are all things I will be praying for and working on in the year of 2010. Also, I really (REALLY) feel called to move to Texas. Ive been praying about it and God has spoke to me that it really is time for a change. We need to step out of our safe zone and answer the Lord's calling on our lives. I realize that it would mean giving up A LOT of stuff, jobs, schools and friends. But the Lord calls us to do crazy stuff sometimes. He calls us to take that step out where we haven't been, get out of our box and make a difference! Please pray for me and my family about Gods calling on our life and how we will answer that call.