Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A New School Year :)

Hey to all you bloggers out there, today I went to school for the second day and it was FREEZING. At my school we have this thing called Boot Camp. And when you get to 7th grade you spend two days getting to know people and finding your locker. I had a lot of fun but I couldn't do a lot. Well tomorrow is my first real day of school and I have Latin first. Great.... I hate Latin. Anyways, please be praying for me as I ease into this new environment.


  1. Boot camp was fun. BUT.. it woulda been better with u out and walking and stuff. well, it's ok.. ur walking without ur crutches.. right? i understand u when u say that you hate latin. My sis and Mariah.. i think have Ms. collins i think.. idk. well. ttyl

  2. Ok... lol ya it was fun but your right it would of been a lot funner if I could have walked.