Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Little Eli

Today had one of those amazing life touching moments. My little Elias really opened up to me. I got to play on the swings with him and take him for a walk. This my friends is really exciting. Unfortunately I will most likely not remember it in a few weeks, or days. But the good news is that in just nine days I get this gross, disgusting, itchy cast off. Hip-Hip-Hurray! I am so excited. I'm like way beyond excited. I can NOT wait! Well tonight is ''family movie night'' so its time to turn in.


  1. That's so cool. Um, I hope you have a good time getting ur cast off and stuff. I am going to go now. You're an awesome person and don't forget it. TTYL


  2. I knew it would happen. He will get to know u slowly, and when he needs to relax and be calmed, you will b a source of peace for your little Eli!! As you are to many of us!! And guess who gets to teach him to dance??!!! Luv u my Dancing Queen!!