Sunday, October 18, 2009

7th Grade

7Th grade is tough. Do you remember your 7Th grade year? Well mines filled with DRAMA, DRAMA and more DRAMA. There is so many amazing people I get to meet. Then there the people who u just HATE with all your heart.O and don't let me forget boys. If your a boy reading this.... stop. You wont understand. All I hear at school is who's dating who and which relationships are going to work or not. All i want to do in my 7Th grade year is get my heart strait with God. I'm spending a lot more time with Him now. I have started a prayer group for my school and its going to bring amazing things. Please be praying for me and if you have any advice... I could use some.


  1. My advice....hang out with your mother more. hee hee

  2. I agree w/your Mother!! Also, let yourself grow up before trying to ACT like a grown-up! sounds like most other 7th graders R not doing that. Proud of u my Zan. U R a carrier of the SALVATION the world needs, including your Fellow 7th Graders. Luv u princess!!